ARC Book Review - The Heart Of What Was Lost By Tad Williams

The Heart of What Was Lost takes place in the half-year after the end of To Green Angel Tower, and tells of the attempt by Isgrimnur and a force largely made up of Rimmersgard soldiers to destroy the remaining Norns as they flee back to their homeland and their mountain. It also answers some questions about what actually happened in the immediate aftermath of the fall of Green Angel Tower. 


I love a good  of  High Fantasy novel, so when I heard about The Hear Of What Was Lost I was immediately intrigued .I dived into  this story as soon as I got this  books and I must admit it took me a little while for me to get into the story , but once it hooked me that was it , the book was such a  fantastic read.

For most of this book  the world is in War so get to see  a lot of the effects of war . I loved that we got to see from different perspectives  , that way it created a broader  picture of  what was going on and how it affected everyone .This book is not a long  book but it manages to cover so much . I loved the magical aspects in this novel  everything was just fascinating. I felt the world building was  executed  in a way where you were not confused , you understood everything that was happening and  I loved that,so much happened in this book.

The Heart of What Was Lost was an  wonderful slow burn epic fantasy read and I cannot wait to see what will happen next . This story helps set you up for the next  book  in The Last Kings of Osten Ard series , because let just tell you  this now , I am definitely reading  The Witchwood Crown I need to know what happens next . If you love all these things in your books I suggest you pick up a copy when it comes out  January 3,2017.



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