Audio Book Review - Water World Confidential By Lisa Lace


He needed a wife. I wanted an alien lover.

The first time I saw Jori, I hated everything about him. He didn't care about anything except himself. On the other hand, his body was spectacular, and his muscles were firm. I couldn't stop thinking about him.

When TerraMates gave me the chance to marry Jori, I took it. I knew I needed the money. What I didn't know was that Jori's exterior was a facade, and he had kept secrets from everyone his entire life.

I am a  huge fan of  Lisa Lace books they are like cookies  once I  start eating one I need another and another and another lol . When I got the  chance to listen to this  book  I was thrilled and I press played as soon as I could and omg was this book  amazing !!! I loved water world confidential !!

In this book we follow Jori and  Samantha.  After  the  last time I saw  Jori I didnt  have the  best  impression of  him especially after we hear all  the  things he is suspected of  doing . At the  beginning of  this book  we see a Jori who has just  left  prison and to  complete  his goals he needs a wife .Samantha  wants to  explore  , to be on new  adventures and also  have alien lover , they  therefore agree to  get married  to  each  other , however Jori is not  exactly  what  he seems and he has  been  keeping  so  many  secrets about  who  he  really is and what  he is  doing and when  Samantha  finds out what  is  really going on  ,this  sends them on this adventure  to  both  further  Jori's  goal and keep themselves out of the  enemies grasp. I loved this  story  watching these two go  back  and  forth with each  other was just wonderful !. You  could see that these two  cared for each however. Jori's secrets sometimes became a obstacle for them   and  you  could  completely   understand why , but  after some  time  that  didn't  get  in there way lol ,  some of the  funniest moments for me   has to be all those times  when Samantha would try  to  tempt Jori into  sleeping  with  her and he wouldn't  even though he wanted to  do  badly lol .I  felt the romance between  these two was sexy  and fiesty and I love that . This book constantly  had me  on my  toes the  mission that  these two find themselves on had my heart racing  because  the  enemies where almost always  on there tail in someway  or another oh my gosh  was this story fantastic. I felt  the narrators  did  an  excellent  job at  grasping my attention and not  letting go until the  very  end ,  I  understood everything  that  was said , I was never confused  and I was  never bored I was hooked  to this  story  . Kelly Morgan and Terrance Bayes  did an amazing  job narrating  this story .

Water World Confidential was a sexy , addicting , action packed scfi romance. I  also loved that we got  to  see  characters from the first book in this series as well it  was wonderful seeing  them ,also seeing  Jori reconnect  with his family  was just wonderful . I  felt like  everything  came full circle in this story  and  Jori and Samantha got there happily  ever  after and that is all I could  ask for . If  you  love all these things in your stories I   you  should definitely  get  a copy .



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