Book Review - Daddy Best Friend By London Hale

She’s temptation personified
 Nathan had always been more than just my dad’s friend. I never thought he’d see me as an adult, especially not after avoiding me for so long. But one hug, one moment feeling every inch of him against me, shattered that illusion. Consequences no longer mattered—I was eighteen, and I was willing to risk everything for my shot with him. 
He’s not going to resist anymore I never should’ve seen Eve as more than my best friend’s daughter. As a cop, I knew it was wrong. It was my job to protect her from guys like me. Chasing her could cost me my career—not to mention the only family I’d ever known—but I couldn’t hold back another second. One taste, and I wanted her. To hell with the fallout.

I was so excited when I heard about Daddy's Best Friend . This is  London Hale's first novel and I could not wait to dig into it so when I got a copy of the  ARC I  started this  story as soon as I possible could . I loved it!. Daddy's Best Friend is a steamy book that follow  Eve who  recently just  turned 18 who has been in love with  her father best friend and  is determined  pursue  him . The  minute I heard  this  all I could think is omg I cannot wait to see how this  unfolds .We also find out  that  Nathan   also  has  feeling  for Eve as  well but  he is understandably conflicted seeing that this is  his  best friends daughter and of course the  age difference ,however  the  sexual chemistry and desire between these two  is very intense  and at the point were they can  no long ignore it , this is were the story really  picks up. This story was short and  sexy  but at the same time there was emotion ,there was sweet moment and of course  drama. Daddy's Little Girl reminded me once again that Age is nothing but a number  and  love will find away no matter what the circumstances. I cannot wait to see what London Hale writes next . Daddy's  Best Friend was fantastic and If you looking  for  a steamy  , quick , story with  what some might  consider a Taboo topic   you  should  definitely  pick up this book !!


London Hale is the combined pen name of writing besties Ellis Leigh and Brighton Walsh. Between them, they’ve published more than thirty books in the contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense genres. Ellis is a USA Today bestselling author who loves coffee, thinks green Skittles are the best, and prefers to stay in every weekend. Brighton is multi-published with Berkley, St. Martin’s Press, and Carina Press. She hates coffee, thinks green Skittles are the work of the devil, and has never heard of a party she didn’t want to attend. Don’t ask how they became such good friends or work so well together—they still haven’t figured it out themselves. Sign up for the Temperance Falls Gazette to get up to date information on all things happening on the island! 
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